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Are You Struggling To Reach Your Full Potential As A Hypnotherapist?

Discover How to Grow Your Practice, Get More Clients, Build Your Brand On Social Media, and Have The Freedom To Focus On Doing The Things You Love

Thousands of Hypnotherapists Have Already Used His Methods To Uncover the Art of Hypnosis & Built Highly Profitable Businesses, and Developed A Strong Online Presence And… You Can Do The Same!

If you are a hypnotherapist, the program that I am going to introduce in the next few paragraphs is going to change your life. 

It will take you from being a struggling hypnotherapist with no experience (or time) to build and market your hypnotherapy business to a hypnotherapist with…

…and everything you’ll need to keep that business growing. 

If that is something you want, read this very carefully. 

Before I continue, let me make sure if you are really the right fit for this program. 

Answer this…

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are lucky to have found this page because here you’ll find answers to all your problems.

Introducing the Art of Simple Hypnosis Membership Program

The Art of Simple Hypnosis Program is one-of-a-kind membership program that is designed especially for hypnotherapists to help them grow their business.

Most membership programs either offer hypnotherapy training or marketing resources, not to mention that these programs are super expensive.

This does you no good as most hypnotherapists find little success afterwards but ultimately struggle to grow their business as they haven’t been given the right training, resources, and guidance to automate their business growth.

What you really need to get ahead in this industry is a tried and tested program that doesn’t just offer a one-time plan but gives you the strategies and techniques that help you continuously grow your business.

The Art of Simple Hypnosis does exactly that.

It provides you with everything you need to not only automate your business growth but also give you more free time to focus on the thing you love: working with your clients!


Before I get into the details of the Art of Simple Hypnosis program, let me introduce myself.

HI, I'm Rob De Groof
Award-Winning Trainer And One Of Europe’s Leading Hypnotists

I am the owner of the very successful in Belgium where I am working together with 8 hypnotherapists in 4 different cities.
As the owner and head trainer of the European Hypnosis Academy, I have already trained close to thousand students in the wonderful art of direct hypnosis while teaching at my school in Belgium or while traveling the world.
In the last few years, I have created world-renowned hypnosis protocols like HypnoFasting (The Power Combo), Hypnosis4Golfers, Stop4Ever that have changed thousands of lives around the world.
For the last few years, I have been working on the goal of giving back to my community.

The biggest problem in the hypnotherapy industry that I have experienced myself and have also heard about from my students is that it’s too much work.

Like other professionals, hypnotherapists don’t have the time to focus on other aspects of running a business.
On top of the hypnotherapy sessions, we have to manage our business, see the finances, create content for social media, post content on all platforms, engage people on our social media, do digital marketing, be an entrepreneur, give time to family, and the list goes on and on…
This is simply too much and leaves us tired, overwhelmed, even burnt out. 
While all we actually want to do is give our complete focus to our clients. 
That is why I created the Art of Simple Hypnosis membership program. 

The Art of Simple Hypnosis Membership program is your way to automate all these things and free up your time…

With this program, you can run your business a lot more efficiently and profitably while saving a lot of time and money. And the best part?

It will cost you almost nothing compared to the value it will provide and the profit it will bring (more on that later).

Here’s A Breakdown of The Art of Simple Hypnosis Membership Program

Once you join this amazing membership program, you’ll get access to a ton of resources that will streamline your hypnotherapy business, so you can have a simpler, more enjoyable life. 

As a member, you’ll get access to…

Hypnotherapy / Change Work Trainings

Special hypnosis strategies, trainings, and approaches to make you a better hypnotherapist.

Fast & Powerful Inductions Training

Exclusive tips and tricks by Jeffery and Rob to teach you how to use instant inductions.

Hypnotherapy Resources

A complete library of scripts, Golden Boxes for Change Work, and background music to do live hypnotherapy or create powerful recordings.

Marketing / Business Trainings

Professionally designed trainings, online courses, and resources to help you understand your business and excel at it.

Social Media Templates

16 High quality tried and tested social media templates a month so you can organically grow your online brand and get a following.

Marketing Video Templates

Proven strategies to help you find new clients and grow your client base without any stress.

Some examples of the editable Social Media Post

Once you start using these resources and applying my teachings in your business, you’ll see a clear difference in your life.

In as little as 5 months, you’ll have a bigger client base, more online followers and leads, a better work-balance life, and more time and money to live your best life.

I have seen it myself with my students who have followed the program and seen absolutely mind-blowing results.

But I’m sure it will work even better for you…
This time, I have added a FREE bonus to the membership program to give YOU the best value for your money

As a member of the program, you’ll get…


3 FREE Bonus Marketing Video Templates Just For YOU

As you know, video content is all the hype these days.

Unfortunately, for all the good it does, creating video content is a pain in the a**.

Not only is it expensive and time-consuming, it’s also impossible to keep up with a schedule and post videos continuously.

To make things easier for YOU, I have included not one, not two, but THREE marketing video templates for you.

Want me to make this offer even sweeter?

I am probably getting carried away, as my wife told me when I was making this offer.

But this is my passion.

I want to make your life as easy as it can be and give you the most value for your money.

That’s why, on top of the 3 marketing video templates that you’ll get when you sign up, you’ll also get 1 additional marketing video template EVERY MONTH that follows.

Isn’t that the best offer you have ever gotten?

Now, you must be wondering, how much will it cost you to get all this…

My question is…
How much are you willing to pay for your dream life?

Because, you know, if you join this membership today, in the next six months, you’ll be at that stage of your career that takes ordinary hypnotherapists years, even decades. 

It even took ME a lot of time to come where I am today. 

But with my program, you can do that in less than a year. 

It’s crazy if you think that way…

So, what’s it worth to you?

For me, the membership is easily 300$ per month.

The bonuses alone cost me thousands of dollars to get done and on top of that, making a NEW marketing video template every month is not cheap.

If you include all the FREE resources and bonuses you get, paying 300$ per month is completely justifiable.

But I understand that not everyone can pay this amount, especially if you are starting out and I don’t want you to miss this incredible life changing opportunity for just a few dollars.

That’s why I am making you an unbelievable offer.
I don’t know for how long this offer will be available and the price will go up again,

If you join today, you can get access to the Art of Simple Hypnosis membership for…

Just €300, €150, €50, €47/ month 

It doesn’t get better than this…

But if you get a yearly membership, you can get even more discount. 

Get Instant Access to the art of simple hypnosis membership

14-Day Trial

No Credit Card Required
  • Full Access to All Content


Cancel whenever you want
47 Per Month
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  • 14 Day Guarantee


2 months FREE
470 Per Year
  • Full Access to All Content
  • Cancel Any Time
  • 14 Day Guarantee

14 day money back Guarantee

I am so confident you will find everything you need behind the doors of “The Art of Simple Hypnosis”, that I offer you a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you don’t feel like our membership is what you need, if you don’t feel like you get enough value out of it and you decide any time within the next 14 days you want to cancel, just let us know and we send you a prompt refund. No questions asked. I will still miss you though…

Here's what people Say About Our Trainings and Aproaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapists who want to be able to offer their clients more powerful and effective sessions. Hypnotherapists who are not yet present or not sufficiently active on social media and want to change that without losing too much time in creating new content every week. Hypnotherapists who are active on social media but could use some help streamlining the process and making it easier and less time-consuming.

Of course, our 10-step protocol is the foundation for most of our client interactions, but you’ll also learn about other techniques we use to get the best results. You’ll learn how to use instant inductions effectively, and you’ll have a stockpile of social media content ready to go when you launch your business. Consistency is key when it comes to posting on social media, so you’ll be all set to hit the ground running!

At any given time you can cancel your membership. You will no longer have access to the trainings and you will not receive any new social media templates and resource updates. 

All trainings are available right away. The social media templates and the video templates will be added each month. 

If you’re confident that this membership is the right choice for you, then it’s a wise idea to save some money by opting for our annual offer.