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 Privacy policy

 Privacy policy
Upon ordering enrolling for that interesting course or browsing our website, you would prefer as little interference as possible. For your eyes only? We agree with that. That is why we do everything in our power to keep your private data really private?
European Hypnosis Academy uses a secured database to store your personal data. You can compare it to a strongbox: it is locked so that it is inaccessible even to the shrewdest. We will never share your information with third parties for commercial purposes. 
In order to process your application as smoothly as possible, we first need some personal information.

Some personal data we could ask you for:
Your name, address, email and phone number
This way, we can easily and effortlessly reach you if necessary, and provide you with the correct information and further details on the masterclass you have signed up for.

Your payment details
At European Hypnosis Academy, your payment runs safely. Your data will be stored in our administration to link your payment to your order. The only time we will make use of your bank account number, is to pay you money back, promise. If you pay via creditcard, your data will be sent from our secured system straight to our online appointment system, This system carries out our credit card payments. We have no access to your credit card information, we can only see whether or not your payment has been successful. 

Your IP-address is a sort of landmark for us. It enables us to give you the correct information based on your preferences. And it also ensures us no one else can gain access to your account.

E Mailadres
You will receive information on your enrollment via email, as well as information on courses we believe you might be interested in

You can receive free audio hypnosis, free ebooks, offers and information concerning oncoming masterclasses vua email. If you already enrolled for a masterclass in the past, it is possible we will send you information on another masterclass we believe you might be interested in. 

Sharing your experience on a product, course or masterclass is valuable to others. In this way, they receive an open and honest opinion, which enables them to choose the courses suitable for them. We keep tabs on which reviews you write and anonymously use them to help others make the right decision.

Upon visiting our website, you will receive some cookies from us. Unfortunately, no chocolate coated ones but small and temporary files for your computer. These cookies ensure that when you return to our website, there is no need to fill in all of your information again, which is convenient. These cookies help us to gain more insight in the way you use our website, in this way we can continue to improve it to give you and others an even more pleasurable visit. We also use these cookies for marketing purposes. If you would like to make use of our website the way we designed it, and benefit from all its neat features, it is required that you accept our cookies. We are careful with the data we collect from you via these cookies.

Fraud prevention
Blind faith is a beautiful quality, but unfortunately this is not always achievable. Sometimes we have to use customer’s data to research fraud. If you are suspected of fraud, we have to hand your information to the the authorities.